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He can only know it by tasting it directly himself. The same is true of the pleasure and pain of giving birth and what it is like to have suicidal tendencies or the latent talents of a genius. These are all validly knowable objective entities. When they are the appearing object to one of your types of consciousness, you know them through bare perception. What exists only inasmuch as they· can be designated by words, then, are metaphysical entities. Because they are known through verbal conventions, they are called conventional 24 A COMPENDIUM OF WAYS OF KNOWING truths.

Of the non-physical cognitive sensor of the mind. The condition that generates the clarity and awareness (factors) of such a bare sensory perception is the third (or immediate condition), for example the mental cognition that occured immediately before it. When you have sensory cognition of a vase, the first instance is your bare perception of it, an initial valid way of knowing. The next moments are subsequent cognitions 8;nd the last is inattentive. This sequence is followed immediately by a tiny moment of inattentive, non-conceptual mental cognition also taking this form.

An example is one in which the mental picture of a rabbit's horn is confused with an actual rabbit's horn, although 'there is no such thing. Although all conceptual cognitions are deceptive, not all are distorted. In fact, some of them, such as inferential understandings, are valid cognitions inasmuch as they are an initial non-fraudulent awareness of their conceptualisedabout object. Thus because such a cognition correctly and freshly apprehends its object, the vase, it is valid and in this respect not fraudulent.

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