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Pers. Pers. astiy, Av. /Av. root ah- "to be," Skt. as-, Gk. esti, L. est, PIE *es-. g. in → anticenter; → anticorrelation; → anticyclone; → antiparticle. L. anti- from Gk. anti "against, opposite, instead of," from PIE *anti "against". Pers. Pers. paity "agaist, back, opposite to, towards, face to face, in front of," Av. paiti, akin to Skt. práti "towards, against, again, back, in return, opposite," Pali pati-, Gk. proti, pros "face to face with, towards, in addition to, near;" PIE *proti. : anticentre The point in the Galactic plane that lies directly opposite the Galactic center.

Alter. : alterné Happening or following in turns; succeeding each other continuously. From L. p. of alternare "to do first one thing, then the other," from alternus "every other," from alter "the other". Peyvâr from pey "step; after" (as in peyâpey "successively, repeatetedly") + Pers. vâr "turn (succession), time (repetition), alternation". Compare with Skt. vâra "one's turn, appointed time, alteration, succession". ) To occur in a successive manner (day alternates with night); To change back and forth from one state, action, or place to another.

Ventus, Mod. Pers. " PIE *we- "to blow". : gerbe (de rayons cosmiques) Same as → cosmic-ray shower. : luminescence nocturne The faint ever-present glow in the night time sky caused by the collision of atoms and molecules in Earth's upper atmosphere with high energy particles and radiation, mainly from the Sun. The airglow, also called nightglow, varies with time of night, latitude, and season. Airglow, from → air + glow→ afterglow. Havâtâb, from havâ→ air + tâb "light, illuminating" from tâbidan "to shine," → radiation.

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